A=Satisfactory      B=Be Expected To Change      C=Unsatisfactory


(Reference Only, Check with Factory)

Chemical Concentration
by Weight
    68ºF 140ºF
Acetate Solvents   C C
Acetic Acid 10% A B
Acetic Acid Glacial B C
Acetone   C C
Acrylonitrile   A B
Adipic Acid   A B
Alcohol Methyl   A B
Alcohol Ethyl   A B
Alcohol Isopropyl   A B
Aluminum Acetate   A  
Aluminum Chloride   A A
Aluminum Hydroxide   A  
Aluminum Sulfate   A A
Allyl Chloride   C C
Ammonia 0.88S.G. Aqueous A A
Ammonia Dry Gas A  
Ammonia Liquid C C
Ammonium Chloride   A A
Animal Oils   A A
Amyl Acetate   C C
Aniline Oils   B C
Aromatic Hydrocarbons   C C
Asphalt   C C
ASTM Fuel A   B B
ASTM Fuel B   C C
ASTM #1 Oil   A A
ASTM #3 Oil   B C
Barium Chloride   A A
Barium Hydroxide   A A
Barium Sulfide   A A
Benzene   C C
Benzine   B B
Bordaux Mixture   A A
Borax   A A
Boric Acid   A A
Brine   A A
Bromine Traces   C C
Butyl Acetate   C C
Calcium Hydroxide   A A
Calcium Hypochlorite   A A
Carbonic Acid   B C
Carbon Dioxide   A A
Carbon Disulphite   C C
Carbon Monoxide   A A
Carbon Tetrachloride   C C
Casein   A B
Chlorine Dry Gas A A
Chlorine Wet Gas B C
Chlorine Water C C
Chlorobenzene   C C
Chloroform   C C
Chromic Acid   A B
Citric Acid   A A
Coal Tar   C C
Copper Chloride   A A
Copper Nitrate   A A
Copper Suphate   A A
Cottonseed Oil   B C
Creosote   C C
Cresol   A B
Cresylic Acid   C C
Cyclohexane   A B
DDT Weed Killer   C C
Detergent Synthetic   A B
Developers Photographic   A A
Dextrin   A A
Dextrose   A A
Dibutyl Phthalate   C C
Dichlorobenzene   C C
Diesel Oil   B C
Diethylene Glycol   A A
Diethy Ether   C C
Dioctyl Phthalate   C C
Emulsifiers   A A
Emulsions Photographic   A A
Ethyl Acetate   C C
Ethylene Dichloride   C C
Ethylene Glycol   A A
Fatty Acid   A A
Ferric Chloride   A A
Ferric Sulphate   A A
Ferrous Chloride   A A
Ferrous Sulphate   A A
Fixing Solution Photographic   A A
Fluorine   C C
Fomaldehyde 40% C C
Formic Acid 40% A A
Formic Acid 50% B C
Formic Acid 100% C C
Fuel Oil   B C
Glacial Acetic Acid   B C
Glucose   A A
Glycerine   A A
Grape Sugar   A A
Grease   A B
Heptane   B C
Hexane   B C
Hydrobromic Acid   C C
Hydrochloric Acid 10% C C
Hydrochloric Acid 40% C C
Hydrofluoric Acid 10% C C
Hydrofluoric Acid 40% C C
Hydrofluoboric Acid   A A
Hydrofluosilicic Acid   A A
Hydrogen Peroxide   A  
Hydrogen Sulphide   A  
Iso-Octan   A B
Isopropyl Acetate   C C
Kerosene   B B
Ketones   C C
Lactic Acid 10% A  
Lactic Acid 100% C C
Lacquer Solvents   B C
Linseed Oil   A A
Lubricating Oils   A A
Magnesium Chloride   A A
Magnesium Hydroxide   A A
Magnesium Sulphate   A A
Malic Acid   A A
Methyl Acetate   C C
Methyl Bromide   C C
Methyl Ethyl Ketone   C C
Methylene Chloride   C C
Mineral Oils   A B
Monochlorobenzene   C C
Naphtha   B C
Naphthalene   C C
Nitric Acid 10% A A
Nitric Acid 40% A B
Nitric Acid 70% C C
Nitrobenzene   C C
Nitrogen Fertilizers   A  
Oleic Acid   A B
Oxalic Acid   A A
Palmitic Acid   A A
Paraffin   A A
Pentane   A A
Perchloroethylene   C C
Phenol   B C
Phosphoric Acid   A A
Pitch   A B
Potassium Hydroxide   A A
Propane   A A
Sea Water   A A
Sodium Hydroxide 10% A A
Sodium Hydroxide 50% A C
Sodium Cyanide   A A
Soybean Oil   A B
Stearic Acid   A A
Styrene   C C
Sulphur Dioxide Dry A A
Sulphur Dioxide Moist B C
Sulphur Dioxide Liquid C C
Sulphuric Acid 45% A A
Sulphuric Acid 60% B B
Sulphuric Acid 98% C C
Sulphurous Acid 30% B  
Tannic Acid   A A
Tartaric Acid   A A
Tetrahydrofuran   C C
Toluene   C C
Trichlorethylene   C C
Triethanolamine   A A
Tricresyl Phosphate   C C
Turpentine   B C
Urea   A A
Vinegar   A A
Vinyl Acetate   C C
Vinyl Chloride   C C
Water   A A
Xylene   C C
Zinc Chloride   A A
Zinc Sulphate   A A